Coaching Fees & Pricing

An investment for yourself

My first time meeting you will always be free. I want to see if you're ready for coaching. We can both decide if we're a good fit. We'll discus your goals and motivations and at the end of the appointment, we can decide if moving forward with coaching is the best option for you.

I offer in-person and virtual coaching. For virtual, I can use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or a phone call.

I do have other forms of payment available; i.e. every other week coaching appointments and buying in bulk to reduce cost.

Single Coaching session

$125 per session

This coaching session lasts one hour and thirty minutes and is for those who aren't fully ready to commit to a coaching plan. You can schedule these for anytime--whether you're going through a difficult time, looking to make a decision, or just want some perspective. I'm here for you.

Health Coaching Program


During these 30 minute sessions, we will focus on your ability to have a healthy body and proper nutrition. We will set goals regarding your energy levels and behavior patterns regarding food and exercise routines.

Happiness Coaching Program

$450 a month

These sessions last about an hour and are weekly. We will figure out your goals in life, prioritize which ones you'd like to accomplish first, and then create a strategy for accomplishing your dreams. For more details about what your individualized program would look like, contact me!

If you have any questions about pricing and coaching fees, feel free to reach out and we can potentially work something out. Note that I do not refund and there is a $25 fee per coaching session cancelled within 24 hours.


Booking -

Don't forget to first book your FREE consultation!

Head over to my booking schedule to the right and chose a time that works best for you. Keep in mind, cancellation fees apply. If you have any questions or want to make your appointment recurring, shoot me an e-mail.



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