What's your emotional repression habit?

“Rather than trying to control or interpret our experience, we train to relax our grip. By wakefully letting go into what is right here, we are carried home into the mystery and beauty that is our deepest nature”

-Tara Brach

It is natural to resist our emotions. It’s almost instinctive for us to want to reduce our suffering. The problem is that we are only hurting ourselves when doing so; unless we are truly experiencing what we feel.

We all have habits that need to be broken. We all have our own unique ways of numbing our suffering.

Me? I tend to keep busy to avoid my suffering. In the past few years I’ve become more aware of this and am growing every day towards being more self aware and allowing myself to rest and recover. Through radical acceptance of whatever I’m feeling, I break free of the trance is has on me.

What do you need to break free of? How do you tend to avoid your suffering?


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