We feel what we focus on.

“What we focus on in life, we feel”

Being hyper focused on one area of your life can be extremely beneficial. However, what’s the cost? Is it causing you to feel pressure?

If it is, it may be beneficial to step back, become aware of the pressure & feelings that accompany it, and switch perspectives.

Like switching from foveal to peripheral vision; we have the ability to intentionally release some of our focus and look at the big picture.

I have a tendency to be rigid about some things, especially my career. If I focus too closely on my career, I feel pressure and oftentimes this pressure does more harm then good. Once I notice this happening, I can shift my focus to see the big picture and attempt to let go of whatever is blocking my vision. Usually, for me, this means diving into some of my favorite activities like talking with a friend, going on a hike, or reading an inspiring book. Then whenever the pressure has faded (and sometimes it may take longer than a few hours or even a few days), I can safely return my focus accordingly. There are plenty of meaningful things in our lives that we can switch our focus to.

What are you focusing too much on?


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