The Beginning of Self-Compassion is Change

Change is always happening. Right when you get comfortable, life pushes you down again. Becoming familiar with change matters more than anything. Always re-asses what needs to change in your life, whether it be your mindset, your routine, how you spend your time or the people you surround yourself with.

I was listening to a podcast today about turning negative habits into positive habits and something struck me. The only difference between someone who actually makes a change and someone who doesn’t is the person who ends up changing doesn’t give up when they mess up. They recognize that they messed up, they forgive themselves, and they remember that each moment is a new moment to try again.

Self-compassion is being conscious of yourself working against you. When you mess up in life, your amygdala gets you all fired up and perceives yourself as a threat. Combat these instinctual feelings. Don’t feed into them. Encourage yourself to keep going and to forgive yourself. Learning is a process...and practice makes perfect. ✨

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