Struggling with Social Distancing?

Struggling with social distancing and boredom?! Are you feeling depressed from being inside? Lonely from social distancing?

I’ve always struggled with boredom and being alone for long periods of time. It used to be so bad that I went to see a psychologist and she told me I had clinical depression. I was convinced that I was broken and couldn’t change how I felt. I tried meds, which helped. I grew tired of relying on medication, so I went off of them.

When venting to an older, more knowledgeable dear friend, he pretty much called me an idiot and told me to get my shit together. It hurt to hear that, but I kept listening. He told me to schedule out my day, minute my minute, so I wouldn’t fall into the “depressed-trap”. I didn’t need to be depressed. I needed to be stimulated. So, I followed his advice. The next day that I had nothing planned (usually when I felt most victim)—I scheduled.

Get up—drink coffee and journal.

Hour 1—workout.

Hour 2—eat.

Hour 3—read.

Hour 4—watch YouTube videos to learn something or to laugh.

Hour 5—hang out or FaceTime with friends.

Hour 6—clean.

Hour 7—watch tv.

It worked. Simply making the schedule gave me more hope and more energy to take on the day. Now whenever I feel discouraged, I plan! Even if you don’t follow the schedule completely, you’re making an effort. You’re challenging yourself. You’re off to a good start.

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