Stay Healthy Indoor Workout


Staying active is something that will help keep you sane and healthy during this time.

Here’s a quick workout that I did the other day—if you’re struggling to get motivated, try scheduling your workout into your routine.

If you want to see videos of me doing these exercises, head over to my instagram (@the__happiness__coach).

If you want additional support, I’m offering virtual training (we can workout together via FaceTime or Zoom) for 50% off normal price! ✨

Stay healthy!! Workout:

* pull-ups (I did as many as I could 4 times)

* Tricep dips with a chair (3 sets of 12)

* Kettle ball squats (3 sets of 12)

* Core - russian twists for one minute, starfish crunches

* I also ran sprints outside and did lunges in between sprints

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