This season has been extraordinary for me.

To be quite honest, the past few months were a little shaky. I wasn’t happy with some aspects of my life. It was a season of struggle. I was working too hard on things and I wasn’t focusing on living the best life I can.

That season is over, though. Everyone has struggle seasons, even the most advanced coaches and therapists. (It would be a lie if I said I was always happy!) Some important things to remember, for me, are that:

1.You don’t know what you don’t know.

2.You can be wrong sometimes and that’s okay.

3.Failure is a good thing. It’s a growth thing.

4.It’s okay to not be okay. In fact, it’s a good thing when you notice you’re struggling. That is what pushes you to take action towards your values.

5.Life is full of seasons. There’s beauty in all fo it.

Even during my struggle season, I enjoyed plenty of moments. I laughed and loved and prayed and spent time doing the things I love. The older I get, the faster I recognize when I’m struggling. Then I take effective action and move on to my next feat. Now I can look back at this season with a smile.

Unless something changes, which could always happen, I’m predicting that this next season will be one of peace and patience.

I’m setting an intention. Once the next struggle season comes, I’ll be better than I was before—and I’ll return to my truest state faster.

When was your last struggle season? How did you overcome it?


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