Intentional change.

Yesterday I was with a friend discussing some part of his behavior and I commented jokingly, “you’re going through a phase.” His response: “I’m a human. I’m always in a phase.”

I like to think about this from time to time because it’s just a reminder that nothing personality-wise is permanent unless you believe it’s permanent. Now, I’m not saying we have FULL control over our personality. However, you can intentionally guide what sort of phase you’ll be in next (simply having the intention and willingness to put in the work can be enough—the Universe/God will guide you through trials) and what sort of change you want in yourself.

I (try to) hesitate to say that I am a certain way; however, I do this a lot. We all have opinions. Last year I would have sworn I was a lark and preferred getting up at the crack of dawn. Now I’d say I’m leaning towards being a night owl.

What change do you want to see in yourself? What sort of phase would you want to intentionally go through, if you could choose?


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