Healthy body; healthy mind.

I created this practice to help empower other people to be mentally well. I want to help people become the best versions of themselves. How can I help others defeat their demons when I’m not honest about my own?

I, like almost everyone else in the world, has struggled with body image issues. In the left pictures, I loved the way I looked. I worked really hard to get there, too. I don’t regret it—that was a beautiful part of my life after a relationship ended. It was my “glow up” and so I treated myself with pushing myself as hard as I could to look the best I could. The truth of all of this is that it’s unsustainable to look and feel that good all the time. It was hard to keep up with all the exercise and calorie counting. Here I am now, still struggling with some body imagine issues but working through them by using positive self talk, journaling, treating my body & mind with kindness and compassion and letting myself have some beer and fries when I want it. Some days I struggle with wishing I was where I used to be. I’m working through it and am healing more and more every day. Here’s to being healthy minded AND healthy bodied ✨

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