Fix Your Brain, Fix Your Mind.

Fix your brain, fix your mind. I listened to a podcast last week that really had me thinking about my roots. I remembered the very beginning of my healing.

Years ago, I was diagnosed with clinical depression, an anxiety disorder, ADD, and even borderline personality disorder. With each diagnosis, I felt more and more hopeless. I felt like I’d never be truly happy. Then after doing some research, I saw between the lines of the recommended medication and therapy. Diet and exercise (and other things) actually help significantly.

During the process of getting my psychology degree, I realized how negative the field of psychology really is. Diagnosis after diagnosis, meds & more meds. I ended up finding and becoming passionate about the field of positive psychology. The field that believes that everyone can get better.

The first step to treating “mental illness,” is realizing that it’s a brain problem (that is usually treatable). Try incorporating more vegetables and healthy fats (or whichever diet is meant for your brain). Try getting into a steady exercise routine that you enjoy. Try getting enough sleep. Still have a problem? Then maybe try some medication or better—try therapy.

Having trouble making these changes or want a guideline? Reach out to me—I’d love to help ✨

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