COVID-19 and Your Next Step

During this time of uncertainty, it’s even more important to take care of your mental health & well being.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you need. The most helpful tool, for me, in my tool box is journaling.

I’ll be honest, the appearance of COVID-19 has caused me a lot of anxiety. I felt

myself spiraling, thinking things like, “I’ve always been an anxious person. It’ll be a while until I feel safe and comfortable again.” Luckily, with help of my life coach and some journaling—I feel a lot more secure now in the present moment.

This is the tool that I used and will continue to use when I feel a little off balance.

What is it that you need? I needed to be mindful. I needed to immerse myself in the present moment; feeling my feet on the floor; feeling my breath move through me; staying off of my phone and accepting the uncomfortability of uncertainty. I needed to focus on the present.

You might need something different. Love and connection? Physical exercise? Intellectual stimulation?

Take care of yourself.

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