my story

Where I come from:

I come from the thoughts and fears regarding my diagnoses.

I come from the beliefs that happiness and success is something earned, not learned.

I come from the thoughts that told me I wasn't enough just as I am. I come from feeling like the victim; feeling like the world was against me.

I come from the thought that happiness something you have to chase. Not something within. 

If you can't tell...I was wrong. Keep scrolling if you'd like to see more about my journey and path. 


my story


When I was much younger, I was miserable. I felt like everyone else around me had the ability to be happy except for me. I remember crying out to the God I was always searched for, asking “why can’t I just be motivated? Why can’t I just be happy?” Soon after, I was looking up research on how to develop motivation intrinsically. From then on, I was hooked. But...I still wasn’t happy. 

Throughout high school, I developed an awful relationship with food. I would diet constantly (even though I was at a healthy weight). I talked down on myself and didn’t believe that I was capable of achieving anything ‘great’. I was lost. I was diagnosed with clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder, ADD, and borderline personality disorder. On top of that, I became overweight.

Years later, God placed a few special people in my life. These people taught me that I am more than the disorders and labels that have been given to me. They basically called me a wuss and told me that I could do better. I was angry, at first, and then realized...they were right. The anger I felt drove me to my lifelong mission of finding happiness.

I still remember being on a road trip on a sunny day, years ago, listening to a podcast about coaching. I remember feeling inspired. I had never thought about coaching as a career. All I knew is that I value authenticity and one-on-one connection. I knew I wanted to help people in more than just one area of their life. I wanted to transform people; to take them where no one else has gone. I wanted to change the world, one person at a time. 

Of course, I knew I wouldn't feel able to help others until I worked on myself. Lucky for me, I was introduced to some strong people throughout my life. These people taught me that I can create my path; I can change my ways; I can be whoever I want to be and achieve any dream. So I chose to be grateful. I chose to not give up on finding my happiness, even if it was the last thing that I did.

The answers were not as easily retrieved as I thought. First, I studied the physiology of the body though exercise and nutrition. I did this through being eager and active in the gym at college. Then, I had to conquer my mind (seemingly the only thing holding me back), so I majored in Psychology. That still wasn’t enough. I dove head first into psychology and philosophy and theology books. Eventually I found what I was looking for--and now I want to guide you to find what brings you life.

I graduated from the University of Southern Indiana and then became a health coach soon after. I've worked at a couple different corporate companies and I'm still working as a remote health coach for one of them. Since I'm working remotely, I'm currently following my dreams by traveling around the US in my 1999 Ford E-150 tiny-home.


I’m most definitely not perfect. You aren’t either. I love who I am, and it’s my mission to impact and love as many people as I meet. If you’re determined to live the best quality of life...let’s talk.


my mission

I have a firm belief that every human has an innate desire to be better. Everyone has bad days, myself included. Life is hard, but humans are tough. With the right guidance, social support, mental resilience, physical health, are limitless. If I can impact one person in a positive way--that is enough purpose for me.


"It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment." -Carl Friedrich

Henry David Thoreau