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Hello from the Happiness Coach! I'm a professional Health and Happiness Coach who is here to help you find your happiness. I'm here to help guide you toward being the best version of yourself. I vouch for a healthy mind and healthy body. You are not your thoughts. You think you want more--more love, more money, more dreams, more happiness. What you don't that happiness and wisdom lie within.
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Thought-Based Approach

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My coaching is based off of the 8 Pillars of Holistic Health and Wellness. These 8 pillars are the key to a well balanced life. The 8 pillars are: Physical, Social, Emotional, Occupational, Financial, Spiritual, Intellectual and Environmental. My personal take on wellness is that it starts from the inside out. Mental wellness is the key component to any life changes.

Through my work with my clients and personal experience, I believe working on these pillars is the key to long-term success and a well maintained lifestyle. Typically, we will focus on who you are at the core, first. We'll use meta-cognition strategies to rewire your perception of yourself and the world, thus shifting your behaviors. The three strategies I'm most familiar with are Zen Buddhism, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Neurolinguistic Programming.

Let's figure out what works for you. 


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